Welcome to Chattanooga Toy Buyer!

What in the world is Chattanooga Toy Buyer?


Well, Simply put, I'm a middle aged guy who buys and collects action figures, playsets, and generally cool toys that guys dig!  I'm not a retail store, nor do I have a place where people can casually look around at stuff....Hence the name Chattanooga Toy 'BUYER'.




I love super hero stuff, TV and Movie stuff, Science Fiction related items, Robots, Model Kits, Hot Wheels and Die Cast Cars, Fantasy Stuff like Dragons and Monsters and the like.


Some of the most popular franchises we buy are: Star Wars, Transformers, He-Man (Masters of the universe), Thundercats and many more!


We buy locally here in the Chattanooga area and are very easy to deal with.  I'm not one of those 'Jerk' buyers who will only buy "MINT condition Boxed" toys, Or the kind of person that roots around and only makes an offer on one or two cherry picked items.  We love buying collections, helping you move bulk, and if its in the boxes cool, but if its loose thats fine too!


My favorite toys are naturally the ones from my childhood in th e70s-80s but we are interested in cool modern toys as well.


We will be listing items on our site that you can buy, or maybe we can work out a trade on something you have!  Give us a call and tell me what you have or are considering selling or trading!  Lets work out a deal!

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