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T h e C h a t t a n o o g a T o y B u y e r
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About Us

The Chattanooga Toy Buyer is essentially just me buying and collecting the toys I always loved as a kid.  Star Wars, Transformers, He-Man, and stuff like that was what it was all about back then!  It's been said that guys may grow older, but never grow up, well as long as I'm out buying, selling and trading Action Figures and Toys with other like minded people I understand the comment completely!


Call me up if you are clearing out some stuff and find an old box of Toys.  I deal regularily with people who clean out houses, storage lockers, Yard Sales, Flea Markets and Help them turn their finds into cash!


Look forward to hearing from you! 


Brad Putt

Phone: 423 503-9827 cell

Email: brad@chattanoogatoybuyer.com

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